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Update: Leslie Richardson from Viral UPS TIKTOK Spanish Speaking incident Sets The Record Straight

A viral TikTok shows a couple yelling at post office workers. They react strongly to one of them speaking in Spanish. The text overlay says they called police over it, in fact. But it paints an incomplete picture and there is no police involvement in the clip. You can read the original story here


We were able to speak with Leslie Richardson and get her side of the story.


I shipped a package from the ups store in valley ranch shopping center in new Caney Texas for 2 days delivery to Austin on March 16 and paid $17.65. On March 21, 2022, the package was returned for not enough postage paid.   On March 22, 2022, I went to the store. When I walked in both employees were in the back speaking Spanish. When they came out I asked to speak with a manager and explained the issue with my package and I asked for a refund. She stated she had to take it. Picture and send it to the owner of this location, this irritates me because the service I paid for was not completed. She took a picture the other employee started speaking Spanish and said the word pendeja, I then said “would you please not speak Spanish during my transaction. She immediately started getting an attitude saying it was her God-given right and we don’t have an official language, the manager told her several times to stop and shut up!

I got my refund and started to walk out the door when the employee said in a snotty tone “god bless you”. As a high school teacher, I am up to date on what terms are being used to tell people to F off- that is one people are using – I spun around and snapped, my husband was in the car and came in because (I have been fighting stage 3 cancer for the last 2 years). I explained to him what happened and he went off… there was a woman in the store with a little girl and I said stop, that’s when the employee decided to record my husband and me. The employee then sent the video to his brother-in-law with my information from the packing slip the manager had from taking a picture of my package! He then put the video on TIKTOK and while some were true, most were a lie!

Then Danesh got ahold of it and made the story worse than it was. I have had over 400,000 phone calls, calling me every name in every language. I had my house shot at, my tires slashed, and I was physically assaulted while at a grocery store. They’ve called present and past employers of mine, and also sent emails. People have called as many of my family members as they could find harassing them.


The video that was posted can be found here


Habari Entertainment reporting.

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