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Candace Owens says Duchess Meghan isn’t Black enough to experience racism. Here’s My Opinion

Candace Owens says Duchess Meghan isn’t Black enough to experience racism. Here's My Opinion

After Meghan and Harry explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Candace Owens has decided to insert her two cents. The conservative commentator released a statement concerning Meghan’s blackness. “You would not be able to discern just by looking at Meghan Markle that she’s Black.” She suggested Meghan Markel is lying about her experience, because she’s not Black enough to be a victim of racism. This is an age old narrative of being “too Black” for some people and not “black enough for others”. Being mixed in the USA can be isolating for many as both communities shun you because you do not identify with one race. Owens has only made Meghan comments valid. Being of mixed race and being questioned about your skin color or how black you are is dauting enough. Black people come in all shapes and colors from dark to light.

Being ostracized or called out because your skin is too fair or dark is a problem we face as a people with colorism. Candaces stance just proved that her environment has also condemned her to this backward thinking. Many still have the mindset that fair skin can get you more places than being of darker complexion. For Owens to use this age old moniker to belittle Meghan struggles grants more concrete evidence that ones skin tone can determine different treatment and thinking. And for Owens to be a racism denier, she sure used the house slave, field slave identities very conveniently.

I cannot say how much racism she may or may not faced. I can only say if I detailed my story of racism, I’d hope others would listen.