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Danville Apartment Complex Ran By Slum Lord?

Renting a home is an important part of living in America, with housing prices reaching astronomical rates, the average citizen cannot afford to buy a home. So, we turn to rent. We hope to get a clean home we can raise our kids, a safe place for dinners, and get-togethers with family. We have to complete background checks and scrounge up down payments, to meet the owner’s credit requirements. Only to find out your little slice of heaven is a hell hole. One Danville resident is facing these horrors today during a time of high inflation of all products across the board.

Habari News had the opportunity to speak with one of the tenants living in the complex;

Precious Devine: “I live in Purdum woods and my bathroom ceiling is filled with mold. The Floors are coming up because the toilet is in very poor condition and it continually smells. The kitchen had to be dug up because of Plumbing issues. The Office just doesn’t want to fix it. Maintenance comes in and they are only in there for ten to fifteen minutes, then say they will be back. And I called the health department, they said there is nothing they can do and I called the city only to get the aforementioned answer. No one wants to come in and fix the issues because they are private property.

I have been dealing with issues with my apartment. Since 2019 first, it was the Plumbing issue where they had to dig up my kitchen twice in October 2019 and February 2020. They left us in the apartment while they were working on it. Maintenance left the floor open for three days which resulted in rats and a snake infesting. They did nothing about that and told me “all they can do is cover the hole where the rodents breached.” After that, it was leaking in the bathroom to the point my ceiling molded and also it built up behind the toilet. Water comes through the floor when you shower or use the bathroom. My closet in the bedroom around the baseboard has mold on the wall. It took two months for me to get my Air Conditioner fixed, Management informs me they are going to make repairs and I never see them again.

They don’t care about the condition of the apartment I am living in. Purdum woods has been under two different management companies since I have lived here. Which was F&W management and now it’s HMR Property Management. I have been living here since 2018.”


These are photos of the living conditions at Purdum Woods Apartments, in Danville Virginia located on Richmond Blvd. It has been said that the owner has been working on repairs since July and August yet repairs have still not been done. Habari News reached out to Purdum Woods for a statement and spoke with an office manager who advised they would have their media relations person contact us.


Update Nov. 13, 2022

Habari News reached out for an update on when to expect media relations to reach out regarding the aforementioned matter and was advised to reach out to the residents for further inquiries regarding individual unit repairs. We spoke with Precious Devine to seek an update on her unit repairs and she said “they came out to assess her unit for needed renovations and have since begun repairs to her unit and will keep us updated on when they will be completed.”