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Mission Statement

Excitement on its way with Habari Entertainment.

If we were to be straightforward about our business, we’d say we belong to a news media industry, but with a twist. We’re a black-owned platform that uses hip hop to introduce an enthralling spin on the news.

Are you liberal-leaning? Are you progressive? Are you open? You’ll love us! And that’s what sums up our values, our business, and what we advocate.

Established to Inspire Generations Across the Globe.

We’re one of the top online content creators with a mission to become the largest online news and talk network for the connected generation. At Habari Entertainment, we love to call ourselves the ‘hip hop generation newscast’ and reflect that through our work. We stand for informing the public with news and information that they can trust.

Our motto is simple: we wish to update, inform, engage and YES, empower our listeners.

Our vision? To be the leader in online news and information for every person in every corner of the globe to be enlightened. Every time there’s breaking news, we want you to tune into Habari Entertainment and learn not just what happened but the accurate reason and what it means to you.

Our discussions are knowledge-packed, and we ensure to deliver it in a way that grabs your attention. Stay informed as we unfold and explain politics!

Zero manipulation, straight facts, open discussions – We’re Habari Entertainment! We keep you updated with the reality!

How we became a thing, you ask?

I was born in East St Louis, Illinois, to a single mother. After my mother graduated from nursing school, we moved out of the hood to the suburbs. I would never fit in the town and always felt like an outsider due to racism. Later, I dropped out of school and moved to Phoenix. I started my Technical career while rapping in my free time and would do shows for the town while getting my GED and my college degrees in Electrical Engineering.

With time, I realized I was sharing news of other sites that led me to have my own news site up and running. After the death of DanYo, I was fully engaged in the idea for a start-up and present versatility in delivering news while running quality sessions. I firmly believe in the art of authentic expression to be unique while remaining true to the idea.

What drives me? My will to deliver good, truthful news!