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Arizona Repping Touré Masters Drops New Album KIN9

Arizona-born and raised Rap Artist Touré, works hard to create the most honest, upbeat, impactful music possible. Touré’s goal is to make his mark in life and to be forever remembered for the love he shares and the work he has done with music. A political activist who has been a member of the NAACP Maricopa County branch as a Political Action Committee Member.

Touré Masters wants to use his art to help others be more comfortable with self-expression and plans to teach listeners the importance of being open-minded. He works to encourage people everywhere to chase their dreams but always keep the focus on their education. The power in music is apparent, and Touré uses those powers in the way he feels is the right way.

Check out his newly released album Kin9 which is also offered on Vinyl with the below link.






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