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Prime Video Surges Ahead: Q1 2024 SVOD Market Shares in the US

Introduction: As we wrap up the initial quarter of 2024, it’s time to delve into the dynamics of the streaming market in the United States. Our latest data report, derived from user interactions on JustWatch, provides valuable insights into the evolving preferences and trends shaping the industry landscape.

Market Share Developments: In the realm of streaming services, notable shifts have occurred in the first quarter of 2024. Leading the charge in growth are Apple TV+, Netflix, and Paramount+, each witnessing a commendable increase of +1% in their respective market shares. Conversely, Hulu, Disney+, and Max faced challenges, with each experiencing a decline of -1% since January.

SVOD Market Shares in Q1 2024: Prime Video emerges as the frontrunner in the US streaming market, surpassing the combined market share of Disney-owned platforms, Hulu and Disney+. This underscores Prime Video’s formidable presence and resonating appeal among viewers. Meanwhile, Netflix continues to assert its dominance, boasting over twice the market shares of Apple TV+.

Methodology: The JustWatch Streaming Charts provide a comprehensive view of user activity over varying timeframes – spanning 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. These metrics are derived from interactions such as clicking on streaming offers, adding titles to watchlists, and marking titles as ‘seen’. With a vast dataset encompassing more than 40 million movie and TV show enthusiasts monthly, our insights are robust and reflective of current consumer behaviors. Our data collection spans 140 countries and encompasses 4,500 streaming services, ensuring a global perspective on industry trends.

Conclusion: As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, understanding market dynamics is crucial for industry stakeholders. The first quarter of 2024 has witnessed both growth and challenges for key players, reshaping market shares and competitive positioning. With insights gleaned from user interactions on JustWatch, stakeholders can adopt strategies to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to monitor and analyze trends shaping the streaming industry.