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Jumex Pop Up Show LA




By Brad Fox

Ashlin, Ted & I are driving to an exclusive pop-up limited event on August 22, 2021, and pass by all the vintage places in Hollywood, California; it’s like we are a part of That 70’s show or something.  As we arrive at The Spot, the venue in Hollywood, California, there’s not much around except Danny’s Taco Shop and across the street an abandoned school slide and junk.  While waiting there, Energy Never Dies and Obtain the Drip crew of about six came out and greeted everyone with smiles.  Ashlin, Ted, and I entered The Spot and the artist, DaRealEj is sound checking. I begin filming his soundcheck instantly not missing a beat.

Out of nowhere Fans begin to arrive and gather, maybe ten or so now dancing to DaReal Ej’s music.  As I’m filming during soundcheck, I suddenly discover Jumex on the side stage. He is wearing a chain link necklace, a rhinestone Bubble Numb hoodie, acid-washed gray jeans, and spray-painted purple Nikes. Then he walks up to me and shakes my hand and says, “what’s up?”

Later in the night, it’s time for Jumex to hit the stage. You could feel the anxiousness building by the moment.  Then he starts moshing in the crowd while performing. He then works his way to the stage; fans are giving their cell phones to him for a Snapchat or Instagram video for a keepsake. He really doesn’t seem to be annoyed by it and continues taking Snapchat and Instagram videos for fans.  Throughout the entire show, you can tell he is having the time of his life.


It’s obvious to me at this point, this is what Jumex was made to do.  After the show, he gives all fans either a selfie, autograph, or quick conversation before it’s time to go.  He really has an extremely positive vibe; everyone wants to be around him.  His aura carries a serious music passion.


Download, stream and watch the latest single by Jumex, Lonely Summer.  His music can be found on YouTube and all streaming platforms.  Support his music; his performance is like a Polaroid photo you’d never want to throw away.



Jumex began making music while in high school, where he joined a punk band called No Signal.[3] Visually he cultivates an anime aesthetic.[3]

He released his first single, “Trapped”, in late 2018.[4] Later in the same year, he released the videos for “Wish Me Death”, “Alive in My Coffin” and “Billie Eilish”, the latter dedicated to the singer-songwriter of the same name.[5][better source needed]

Later in 2019, he toured Japan, invited by Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith to tour with them as well as Vein and Injury Reserve. In September, he opened for Yungblud at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.[6] He also performed at the Day N Vegas Festival in November 2019.[7]

The Joker-inspired music video for his song “Spraypaint”, released in early October 2019, featured Blink-182‘s Travis Barker.[1]

On February 14, 2020, he released the single “XOXO” which featured American rapper Lil Xan. On the same day, Jumex performed live at The Subterranean in Chicago. The follow

ing month he released the experimental EP Nightmares under the name goodnightm4rk; he later re-released it with only 4 tracks titled starnightbabynotalone.

In 2021, Jumex returned from his break from music and social media and released the singles “Ex Best Friend”, “Internet Friends” and “Lonely Summer”.