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Machine Gun Kelley at The Mesa Amphitheatre October 21st

Machine Gun Kelly, Jxdn, and KennyHoopla at Mesa Amphitheatre in Mesa, AZ on Oct 21, 2021

By Brad Fox: 10/29/21

Some hip-hop fans and I were waiting for many hours; we are waiting to talk to or hug the megastar Machine Gun Kelly. After he sold out another show, this time at Mesa Amphitheater. As we stood outside the gates, the hours are just ticking away. The Venue Security tells us he’s (MGK) in the shower. With all the tired fans there were all types of people of all ages waiting to meet him, get a glance at him.

Then suddenly Machine Gun Kelly comes out of the green room at like 11:40 PM or so. Fans walk over to him for a hug or just for conversation or maybe a selfie. He’s wearing a long yellow sleeve designer shirt and a Machine Gun Kelly Tickets to My Downfall tour hat as well as designer military-type jeans like he’s ready for war but still needs to be hidden. Anyways, he is shaking hands and hugging and taking pictures with tons of fans. Some fans just tell him how he changed their life for the better.

After a few minutes of pictures, conversations, and hugs, his bodyguard/tour manager who is dressed in all black and a very tall man, the kind you don’t want to mess with, pushes thru the crown with Machine Gun Kelly towards the van. Machine Gun Kelly’s crew and the band open his van to let him in, ready to go to the hotel or next show date or where the night may take ‘me.

The van driver is making sure there’s no crew left behind. Before they drive off u see through the window of the van and see him in the back of it. Van light goes off and then comes back on then before it goes off the last time before driving off to new adventures; he puts up the rock horns, smiling then the light goes off. The reason is to promote his new album Born with Horns and because he knows this day, he got the victory.

Instantly his van drives off into the night to capture more hearts and rock more stages, with the pill bottles stage set. Check out his new single Papercuts, Papercuts VMA Edition now. Also please check out the rest of his tour, and be on the lookout for his new album in 2022, “Born with Horns,”. A more guitar-driven and darker album from him. The Reports state the drummer on this album will be Blink 182’s, Travis Barker.

Brad is a Music writer for Habari Entertainment