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Stephen Amell is interested to return as Green Arrow in James Gunn’s DCU Universe Plan

DCU – Arrow star Stephen Amell stated he would love to connect with James Guns DCU as the Green Arrow. Amell started as the archer on The CW on October 10, 2012, and ran for eight seasons until January 28, 2020. Arrow was primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The role of Oliver Queen was a huge part of starting the Arrow-verse for the CW which saw many spinoffs like Flash, BatGirl, Legends Of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and SuperGirl to name a few. With the Arrow-verse shows coming to an end with the Flash’s last Season. Looks lIke Lois & Superman will be the last series left.

The critics have been up and down on the Arrow-verse. But many people loved the shows and they became part of the DC lure. I was never a fan of the campy dialect and action predictable action scenes. The first season of Arrow stands as the best the Verse had to offer.

I highly doubt Gunn will go with the Stephen depiction of the emerald archer in the DCU. I would think he wants a younger actor to fill the role.


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