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Critics Say The Rock’s “Black Adam”  Is A Boring D.C. Comics Superhero Movie.

Critics say The Rock’s “Black Adam” is a boring D.C. Comics superhero movie.

“Black Adam,” the film’s premiere, will not be well received by critics. It generated a mere 53% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 102 reviews on Thursday afternoon. Although the film is expected to pull in between $55 million-75 million during its first weekend, bad word of mouth could endanger its $200 million budget.

Black Adam is the film’s protagonist. He is given the power of the gods but uses it for revenge. Black Adam has been imprisoned for almost 5,000 years, but he emerges to serve his unique form of justice in modern times.


Black Adam, unlike his superhero counterparts (in this film, it’s not the Justice League but the Justice Society), isn’t afraid to use deadly force.

This is what the critics thought about Black Adam before it made its theatrical debut.

Kristy Puuchko, Mashable

Kristy Puuchko wrote a review for Mashable titled “Black Adam.” She said that watching an action movie shouldn’t feel like a chore. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. released a D.C. Extended Universe movie amid a series of publicly condemned decisions. It spools out tedious exposition alongside poor action for a film that wastes its large budget and the star power of Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, and Dwayne Johnson.

Puchko observed that “Black Adam” rushes through Cyclone and Atom Smasher, Hawkman, and Doctor Fate’s introductions “so fast that it’s comical.”

She said screenwriters rush to meet the team and ramble about more exposition.

“Black Adam” is so eager to get this group of C-list heroes in their fight with the protagonist that your head might be spinning.

See the complete Mashable review.

Mark Kennedy, Associated Press

Mark Kennedy, a reviewer for the Associated Press, said that “Black Adam” isn’t terrible.” “It’s predictable and color-by-numbers, stealing from others films like an intellectual property superhero.

Kennedy stated that Johnson was a natural choice for Black Adam. He is capable of mixing “might and humor,” but his performance and overall film were ultimately “ruined by a derivative, baggy screenplay.”

He said the film “goes from one violent scene after another, much like a videogame, to cover a plot that is both overcooked and undercooked.” “The audience is exhausted from all the carnage, and they present skeletons that rise to form a legion of hell. This was exactly what we wanted.”

The Wrap, Alonso Duralde

Alonso Duralde, The Wrap’s director, felt that “Black Adam” was “both too much and not enough.” A film in which the narrative gambits are supported by a sludgy aesthetic style that’s either distractingly artificial or depressingly gloomy.

He said, “The ensemble does its best with the material, but nobody’s going to be including it in their life-achievement reels.” “There is a strange sense of four-quadrant casting here — [Pierce] Brosnan to the parents! Centineo for teens! The skateboard kid for teens! This marketing strategy looks too much like a cast of characters rather than like a cast who would interact in these situations.

Duralde, like many others, noted that the film fails to draw a connection between the Justice Society’s sudden appearance at Kahndaq (a fictional Middle East country) and U.S. imperialism in the past. However, it fails to make any meaningful statements.

David Ehrlich, IndieWire

Critics also focused on the narrative choices for “Black Adam.” Although the film’s title character is portrayed as a dark, vengeful antihero, it does not do anything story-wise that elevates or redefines the genre.

David Ehrlich, in his review, said that “Black Adam” desperately wants to be a darker, more gristly version of the same hamburger audiences have enjoyed for 15 years. But Johnson, who is also a producer and an architect of this cinematic universe, can’t bear the thought of doing something that might leave any of our audience members behind.”

He described “Black Adam” as “exhaustingly derived” and noted that the film felt as if it had been “audience tested within an inch of its lives.”

Even the film’s main antagonist could not inspire criticism.

Ehrlich wrote, “They team together to fight what may be the single most forgettable villain in comic movie history,”

Matt Singer, ScreenCrush

Matt Singer, ScreenCrush’s reviewer, stated that Johnson had been associated with the Black Adam character for at least fifteen years. Although the project has had many directors and writers change over the years, Johnson has been an integral part of it.

He said, “Alas! Fifteen years of hard work produced a mediocre film that doesn’t seem to reflect the hundreds of hours of writing and countless screenplay drafts.”

The singer stated that “Black Adam” plays more like a committee-made product, designed to give life to the D.C. Extended Universe by giving it a star and new heroes. Unfortunately, after two hours of tedious table setting, there needs to be a clear direction for D.C.’s cinematic destiny. Unfortunately, there’s also less interest in actually seeing it.

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