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William Bedford on NBA confronting him over a drug problem

Photo: Getty Images

In this VladTV clip, former NBA player William Bedford spoke about smoking weed before every basketball game starting in college, which continued as he entered the NBA.

He explained that anxiety and fear of the large crowds are what led to him smoking, and William revealed that he was threatened with his job in the NBA because they knew about his use.

William then explained the origin story behind the “Bad Boys” nickname for the Detroit Pistons back, before detailing his transition from the Phoenix Suns to the two-time NBA champions during the late 80s.

From there, the seven-footer explains what it was like to share a locker room with Dennis Rodman, stating that the Hall-of-Famer never colored his hair, wore dresses, or got tattoos until he joined the San Antonio Spurs in 1993.

From there, Bedford revisits getting busted by NBA league officials for using marijuana and the ultimatum that the league presented him with as a direct result: