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The Most Streamed Movies and TV Shows in May 2024

This month, JustWatch, the largest streaming guide in the world, unveiled the final rankings for the most popular movies and TV shows of May 2024. The JustWatch Streaming Charts reflect the viewing habits and preferences of millions of users across various streaming platforms. Below, we break down the top ten movies and TV series, highlighting significant shifts and surprising entries compared to April 2024.

## Top 10 Movies of May 2024

| **Position** | **Film Title** | **Position Change** |
| 1 | *Dune: Part 2* | = |
| 2 | *Godzilla Minus One* | +10 |
| 3 | *Rise of the Planet of the Apes* | +17 |
| 4 | *Mad Max: Fury Road* | +83 |
| 5 | *American Fiction* | +8 |
| 6 | *Last Night with the Devil* | -4 |
| 7 | *The Beekeeper* | +2 |
| 8 | *The Idea of You* | +21 |
| 9 | *The Iron Claw* | +9 |
| 10 | *Oppenheimer* | = |

*Source: [JustWatch](*

### 1. *Dune: Part 2* — Holding Steady
Maintaining its top spot for the second consecutive month is the highly anticipated *Dune: Part 2*. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, this epic sequel continues to capture the imagination of audiences with its grandiose storytelling and stellar cast, including Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Rebecca Ferguson.

### 2. *Godzilla Minus One* — Roaring Up
Climbing ten places, *Godzilla Minus One* has made a significant leap to secure the second position. This Japanese monster film has captivated viewers worldwide with its spectacular visual effects and gripping storyline, reflecting the enduring appeal of the Godzilla franchise.

### 3. *Rise of the Planet of the Apes* — Ascending Interest
*Rise of the Planet of the Apes* has experienced a resurgence in popularity, rising seventeen spots. The interest in this 2011 classic could be attributed to recent buzz around potential new entries in the *Planet of the Apes* series.

### 4. *Mad Max: Fury Road* — A Sudden Surge
A surprising entry is *Mad Max: Fury Road*, which catapulted up the chart by a staggering eighty-three places. The renewed interest is likely due to the release of *Furiosa: A Mad Max Tale*, prompting fans to revisit the 2015 post-apocalyptic action masterpiece.

### 5. *American Fiction* — Steady Climb
*American Fiction* has consistently climbed the ranks, moving up eight spots. This satirical drama, which explores racial and cultural themes, continues to resonate with a diverse audience.

### 6. *Last Night with the Devil* — Slipping Slightly
Dropping four positions, *Last Night with the Devil* remains a popular choice, maintaining its place within the top ten. The horror film’s chilling narrative still captivates viewers, despite the slight decline.

### 7. *The Beekeeper* — Small Gain
Gaining two spots, *The Beekeeper* is a thriller that has steadily built an audience. Its unique plot and compelling performances keep it buzzing among the top contenders.

### 8. *The Idea of You* — On the Rise
*The Idea of You* has soared twenty-one positions, driven by its romantic drama narrative and a strong following among viewers looking for heartfelt storytelling.

### 9. *The Iron Claw* — Steady Ascent
With a nine-place increase, *The Iron Claw* continues to attract viewers with its gripping historical drama and powerful performances, solidifying its spot in the top ten.

### 10. *Oppenheimer* — Holding Firm
Maintaining its position from last month, *Oppenheimer* remains a favorite, particularly among fans of historical biopics and Christopher Nolan’s directorial excellence.

## Top 10 TV Series of May 2024

| **Position** | **Series Title** | **Position Change** |
| 1 | *Fallout* | = |
| 2 | *Dark Matter* | +83 |
| 3 | *Shōgun* | -1 |
| 4 | *Hacks* | +43 |
| 5 | *A Gentleman in Moscow* | = |
| 6 | *Bodkin* | +1198 |
| 7 | *Evil* | +64 |
| 8 | *Baby Reindeer* | -3 |
| 9 | *Under the Bridge* | +2 |
| 10 | *The Veil* | +5 |

*Source: [JustWatch](*

### 1. *Fallout* — Dominating the Charts
Retaining the top spot is *Fallout*, the Amazon Prime Video original series based on the popular video game franchise. With an IMDb rating of 8.4/10, *Fallout* continues to draw massive viewership due to its engaging storyline and nostalgic appeal for gamers.

### 2. *Dark Matter* — An Explosive Entry
Rocketing up the chart by eighty-three places, *Dark Matter* has taken the second position. This sci-fi series, with its intricate plot and thought-provoking themes, has quickly become a favorite among fans of the genre.

### 3. *Shōgun* — Slight Dip
Despite a slight drop, *Shōgun* remains in the top three. This Disney+ original, depicting the adventures of an Englishman in feudal Japan, continues to receive critical acclaim for its historical depth and compelling narrative.

### 4. *Hacks* — Rising Star
Climbing forty-three places, *Hacks* has captured the attention of viewers with its sharp comedy and stellar performances. The show’s witty writing and engaging characters have resonated with a broad audience.

### 5. *A Gentleman in Moscow* — Holding Strong
Staying steady in the fifth position, *A Gentleman in Moscow* continues to attract viewers with its rich storytelling and excellent production values, highlighting the enduring appeal of this drama series.

### 6. *Bodkin* — A Phenomenal Jump
Making a remarkable leap of 1,198 spots, *Bodkin* has emerged as a major hit. This true crime drama, with its gripping plot and suspenseful twists, has captivated audiences, making it the most dramatic entry on the chart this month.

### 7. *Evil* — Climbing Steadily
With a sixty-four place increase, *Evil* continues to intrigue viewers with its blend of supernatural and psychological elements, maintaining a strong presence in the top ten.

### 8. *Baby Reindeer* — Slight Decline
*Baby Reindeer* has dropped three positions but remains a popular choice due to its unique storytelling and captivating performances. The show’s blend of dark humor and drama keeps it in the spotlight.

### 9. *Under the Bridge* — Modest Gain
Gaining two spots, *Under the Bridge* maintains a solid position in the top ten. Its compelling narrative and strong character development continue to engage viewers.

### 10. *The Veil* — On the Rise
Rounding out the top ten is *The Veil*, which has climbed five places. This drama series has garnered attention for its intricate plot and high production values, appealing to fans of intense, character-driven stories.

## Methodology

JustWatch’s Streaming Charts are based on real-time data from over 40 million users across 140 local sites and 4,500 streaming services. The charts reflect user interactions such as clicks, watchlist additions, and marked views over the past 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Updated daily, these rankings provide a dynamic snapshot of global streaming trends and viewer preferences.

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