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The Bad Suns Rock Band



By Brad Fox


Bad Suns are an American rock band from Woodland Hills, California. The band started in 2012.  The band members are “Christo” Bowman, lead vocal/lead guitar, Ray Libby, guitarist, Gavin Bennett, bass, keyboard piano, and Miles Morris on drums. Their current label is Epitaph Records.

As I arrive at The Van Buren, November 3rd, Phoenix, Arizona, I get out of Uber and I see “Christo” Bowman, lead singer of Bad Suns.  He’s a blonde wearing a black shirt with X Files on it and has several rings on his fingers.  I approached “Christo” in an old pair of green hot topic jeans along with a flaming hot Cheetos white long-sleeved shirt with bracelets of bands on each arm and asked for a picture with him and he said yes.  After the picture, we talk for a few minutes and discovered his favorite movie of all time is Top Gun, in fact, he and his band dressed up as the Top Gun cast for Halloween.  The sketchiest venue he ever performed was The Green Room in Flagstaff, Arizona.  See the video for more interview details.  Now I’m really excited to finally see Bad Suns perform!


The Bad Suns band was playing their heart out like a surf rock aesthetic in this sold-out show.  They sound like 1975 mixed with Walk the Moon.  The show was dazzled with a lot of lighting and completed with a silver Bad Suns sign as their banner.  A lot of Bad Sun’s merch sold out tonight and I’m not surprised at all.


Check out their new single, When the World Was Mine on YouTube and all streaming platforms now.  The music video takes you on a trance of static space which ironically feels that way when you listen to the song, too.  Check ‘em out on tour continuing thru next year.  They announced they would play the Van Buren again on January 29th with opening bands Kid Bloom and Little Image.