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Skip Bayless sends sobering message to LeBron James regarding Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook LeBron James Lakers

Last summer LeBron James played the main role in bringing Russell Westbrook to the Lakers. Despite high expectations associated with the move, it did not work out they way it was anticipated.

A year later there are rumors about Los Angeles looking for ways to offload Russ. The most talked-about scenario is Westbrook being traded in order to acquire Kyrie Irving.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless took to Twitter to send a message to James, pointing out how his choice to team up with Russ ended up.

“What a difference a year makes: Now it’s LEBRON VS WESTBROOK. KD tried to warn you, Bron, but no, you wouldn’t listen. You RECRUITED RUSS AND HIS TWO-YEAR DEAL. Now you’re stuck with him and the $47 million your Lakers owe him,” the co-host of UNDISPUTED tweeted.