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Phoenix Suns Have Number One Growing Fanbase According to Betway

Phoenix has had two very disappointing ends to the last two seasons. But that has not stopped fans from jumping on the bandwagon. The Suns finished this season with the best record in the NBA. Last season they made it to the finals only to lose to the Milwaukee Bucks. This season followed up last season’s huge disappointment by losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs. Though Devin Booker was voted NBA’s first team, the future of Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton is still up in the air. Will the Suns get a younger guard to take some pressure off CP3? Will Ayton be traded? We will have to wait and see. But for now, let us celebrate being the top growing fanbase in the NBA!! Check the chart below for more information on the Suns.


The NBA’s Fastest Growing Fanbases

  • New research from Betway has revealed which NBA teams have experienced the fastest growth in fans online over the last year
  • By analyzing follower growth on Instagram over the last 12 months, the Phoenix Suns were revealed to have had the biggest jump with a growth of 39.46%
  • Last season’s champions, the Milwaukee Bucks, have the second-highest growth on Instagram followers with a staggering 35.48% over the past year

Having a strong online presence on social media channels has become an extremely important factor for the modern NBA franchise, with platforms such as Instagram providing great opportunities for teams to communicate directly with their fans and create an online community.

The best way of measuring online communities and fanbases is through one metric: followers. By looking at how follower counts are growing, we can get an insight into which team’s online fanbase is growing the fastest – with NBA Finals appearances providing a massive boost in this department.

To discover this, Betway analyzed the growth in followers of every NBA team’s Instagram account over the past year and ranked them in order to reveal which fanbases are growing the fastest.

The following table ranks every NBA team based on the yearly growth in followers (%):



Team Username Yearly growth in followers (%)
Phoenix Suns @suns 39.46%
Milwaukee Bucks @bucks 35.48%
Golden State Warriors @warriors 35.16%
Memphis Grizzlies @memgrizz 33.20%
Brooklyn Nets @brooklynnets 33.06%
Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs 32.78%
Chicago Bulls @chicagobulls 32.14%
Charlotte Hornets @hornets 25.76%
Atlanta Hawks @atlhawks 24.97%
Philadelphia 76ers @sixers 23.41%
Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs 21.24%
San Antonio Spurs @spurs 19.02%
LA Clippers @laclippers 18.23%
LA Lakers @lakers 17.99%
Minnesota Timberwolves @timberwolves 17.71%
Indiana Pacers @pacers 16.71%
New York Knicks @nyknicks 16.50%
Miami Heat @miamiheat 15.98%
Denver Nuggets @nuggets 14.96%
Boston Celtics @celtics 14.65%
Sacramento Kings @sacramentokings 12.51%
Portland Trail Blazers @trailblazers 11.89%
Toronto Raptors @raptors 10.33%
Oklahoma City Thunker @okcthunder 10.09%
Orlando Magic @orlandomagic 9.42%
Utah Jazz @utahjazz 8.62%
Detroit Pistons @detroitpistons 8.48%
Houston Rockets @houstonrockets 7.60%
New Orleans Pelicans @pelicansnba 6.46%
Washington Wizards @washwizards -4.19%



With the Suns and the Bucks at the top of the leaderboard, it’s hard to ignore the impact that their NBA Finals encounter has had on their follower counts. One of this season’s finalists, the Golden State Warriors, also make an appearance in the top 3 fastest growing fanbases, with the Warriors gaining an impressive 35.16%.

At the very bottom of the leaderboard, the Washington Wizards have actually LOST followers over the past year, with their followers count dropping by 4.19% – the only team in the league to lose followers.