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Most Popular TV Shows to Binge This Summer

Most Popular TV Shows to Binge This Summer

Binge-watching is something that’s become popular recently. It’s basically watching a series of episodes in one go. The series you are watching could be any show, but it doesn’t have to be a long-running show. It could be an episode from a new series or even a movie. The best time to start watching a new series is when it’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. The time is even better during the summer season when the kids are home from school. If you’re looking for some great shows to binge-watch, check out these new, and noteworthy summer titles.

Summer is almost done, the weather is getting cooler, and binge-watching shows like Orange Is The New Black and Game of Thrones just won’t cut it anymore. Instead, let’s look at some new, and long-running shows that are warming up this summer.

– An oldie but a goodie. Manifest was newly added to Netflix. It follows the story of flight 828 and its passengers where what seemed like a bumpy few hours in the air turned out to be five entire years on the ground.
Black Summer – Zombies are back with this hit Netflix shows that follows strangers in the midst of zombie invasion, how their lives will intertwine, and what they will do to survive. This show touches on the gritty human side of a world-ending apocalypse.
The Walking Dead – The Walking Dead has been on air since 2010, and with the final season releasing towards the end of August, it’s the perfect time to catch up on the series and prepare for the final season.
Bridgerton– Bridgerton takes its viewers through a drama-filled regency era as the Bridgerton family searches for love. The first season is on Netflix now.
Stranger Things – Stranger Things is a supernatural nostalgic show full of twists and turns, follow a close group of nerdy friends as they fight the supernatural, and discover all isn’t as it seems in their sleepy town.

Summer is almost over, but your binge can start today, check out some of these summertime favorites to end your summer on a great relaxing note.

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