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Instagram and Envy

Instagram has been the modern-day scapegoat for years now, blaming people for body issues, suggesting an increase in narcissism, and causing guys to pay more attention to Instagram models than their wives. Well now there is a new negative attribute to blame Instagram for and that is envy! But can being bombarded with images of perfect people and the perfect lifestyle out of your reach drive you to improve your life?


When others feel envious of the filtered highlight reel, they are more likely to gossip about the person to bring them down and make them look bad. These are the types of people who devalue the effort of successful people by saying things such as “It’s who you know not what you know”, or claiming that they cheated or that they only got in because of affirmative action. The above study did try to investigate whether or not this envy could be a catalyst for people to self-improve, but people who feel envy and respond in this way tend not to self-improve because they often have a fatalistic attitude toward life and don’t think there is much they can do to change.