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Ike Anyanwu (@ikeytv); Paige Young (@apaigephotography); Yha Leon (@yhaleon)

Ike Rhein Releases Smoking Hot Video for Single “Summer Breeze”

Earlier this year, Ike Rhein released the songs and music videos, “Messed It Up (feat. Luh Kel)” and “Violin,” which garnered over 1.5 million streams/views and 2.5 million streams/views respectively. Ike Rhein is back, once again, with new heat. “Summer Breeze” is the perfect summer anthem…literally. “Summer Breeze” is a catchy, lovey-dovey Pop song that, in true Ike Rhein fashion, blends elements from various genres of music to capture the heart of even the pickiest listener.

The record is about a significant other that you can’t get enough of. “Summer Breeze” utilizes an upbeat Pop sound to illustrate that yearning for love, that summer bliss, and that feeling of not wanting to be away from someone for long periods of time. The warm, acoustic sound really drives the point of the warmth and comfort one feels around the love of one’s life – “nothing really compares to that vibe or feeling aside from the warm, summer air,” Ike Rhein stated. Ike Rhein enlisted his go-to storyteller, Cole Story, to aid him in writing “Summer Breeze.” Darius Raheem also had a hand in the writing process while hitmaker Renzy808 provided the production. Multi-platinum, GRAMMY-nominated Vinny DeLeon mixed and mastered the summery jam.

The steamy music video, filmed by Ike Anyanwu (IkeyTV), was filmed on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The visual is just as lovely, if not more lovely, as the single. The colorful clothing is chosen, and the landscape and culture highlighted really paid homage to Puerto Rico’s vibrant allure. Ike Rhein and actress/model Savannah Lewis had tremendous on-screen chemistry. “Summer Breeze” is as pure as summer love and a prelude to Ike Rhein’s debut EP dropping later this year.

Ike Rhein’s Bio: 

Ike Rhein is a 20-year-old Pop singer from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but is now based in Miami, Florida. Ike Rhein discovered his voice and passion for music at a young age. He learned how to play numerous instruments, and began creating melodies, compositions, and songs as a child. Ike Rhein has been featured in countless media outlets: The Source, LA Weekly, Thisis50, Hip Hop Weekly, ELEVATOR Magazine, The Hype Magazine, etc. He has accumulated millions of streams and views. Ike Rhein has collaborated with various notable talents such as multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Vinny DeLeon, Luh Kel, YN Jay, and Grammy-nominated Andy Vandette. With a fusion of futuristic notes and nostalgic vocals, Ike Rhein’s distinctive sound is on its way to the forefront of the global stage.









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