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Dave Chappelle Goes On A Roasting Session on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live was headlined by often controversial Comedian Dave Chappelle. He didn’t waste time getting into form, He flamed Kyrie Irving, and Kanye West for their Anti-Semitic Backlash. He also took jabs at Politicians calling Herchel Walker observantly stupid, and Donald Trump an honest liar.

Dave’s headline was also filled with its own problems. With his history of trans jokes many Writers and fans boycotted the episode.

admitting West, now known as Ye, said things so terrible that even Adidas, a company founded by brothers who were members of the Nazi party in the 1930s, was offended (“I guess the student surpassed the teacher.”) But at the same time, the comic seemed to suggest that Ye’s barbs about Jewish people controlling the media and show business – echoing classic antisemitic tropes – were not entirely untrue. (“I’ve been to Hollywood – it’s a lot of Jews,” he cracked. “Like, a lot.”)


He also joked about Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, who was suspended after posting a link to an antisemitic film, called Hebrew to Negroes: Wake Up Black America, that asserts the Holocaust never happened. Chappelle noted Irving’s “Black a– was nowhere near the Holocaust.”

One line in particular seemed to stun the audience, before they offered scattered applause: “I know the Jewish people have been through some terrible things all over the world. But you can’t blame that on Black Americans.”

In my opinion he could have cleared the air on some of the misconceptions many Black Americans have about culture in Africa and Jewsish culture. I just thinnk he hdropped the ball on a major opprtunity for one of the greatest voises of our generation to clear the air more. I know Dave has many issues with race. I would hope wouldve done a better job bringing people together.