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BPD and its Connection to Astrology

There is certainly a type that comes to mind when thinking about new-age spirituality, tarot, and astrology. People picture a blue-haired young woman with piercings who has BPD. Is this stereotype true or is it nonsense?

I can’t say much about the blue-haired with piercings part, but I can touch on the BPD part. The first question to ask is why is astrology so popular right now when most people consider it a pseudoscience? One reason could be that it helps people form an identity and narrative for themselves. For modern enthusiasts, astrology is not just about predicting the future but is also about learning about yourself. They often reread their charts which can put them in a self-reflective state.

This is where BPD comes in. Most people with BPD have something called identity disturbance which means that they don’t have stable emotional states, values, jobs, or relationships. They are social chameleons who take on the traits of others. Sometimes they even absorb a fictional character into their own personality. Astrology can be a tool for those with BPD to absorb their sign or other personality traits from a chart reading.

People with BPD also tend to have a lot of trauma, and some think that if they study their astrology chart then maybe they can uncover hidden secrets about their trauma and parental relations. Many are also impulsive and don’t trust themselves to make smart decisions, so some use astrology or even tarot or other new age divination to make decisions for them. If the decision is bad, they can blame it on spiritual insight, and they can feel calmer when making decisions in general. Of course, it is also risky to use such methods to make decisions, but if it works it works.

Deep and intense emotions are no stranger to those with BPD. It can be easy to feel alienated in a world that is focused on productivity and rationality. Astrology and similar new-age ideas can be a break from these expectations. In new-age communities, they can bond with like-minded people with have a more fluid and creative way of living life.

I am skeptical of astrology for the most part, but it is interesting to learn who is interested in it and why. Most people interested in it think it adds more insight into more subconscious and hidden parts of life.

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