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Your Personality Affects Your Romance Style

Love in the English language is such a limited word that does not account for all the nuances of what people want to convey. Many other languages have different words for different kinds of love, but English is missing these specifications. Throughout history many thinkers and scholars have tried to define the different forms of love, Hendrick & Hendrick have defined 6 different kinds of love listed below.


  1. Erotic Love: Passionate love
  2. Ludic love: A light-hearted love with games and teasing
  3. Pragmatic Love: A love where they focus on what practical and material things they can get out of the relationship
  4. Manic love: A dependent and passive love
  5. Agapic love: A love based on self-sacrifice and a love that feels transcendent
  6. Storge Love: Platonic or a friendly love

Not everyone values all of these kinds of love in the same way and this is correlated with personality.

Detached people tend to experience erotic less frequently than more attached people. The kinds of people who preferred the agape love style tended to have disinhibition, a tendency to experience more negative emotions and were quite antagonistic.