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William Bedford on going from NBA to ‘Bloody Beaumont’ prison where 1 person killed a week

Photo: Getty Images

In this VladTV clip, former Detroit Pistons center William Bedford talks about furthering his education behind prison walls and becoming a leader for his fellow inmates.

Moving along, DJ Vlad asks the seven-footer what was the most violent act that he had ever experienced or saw while he was behind bars. To that, Bedford stated that the most murderous prison facility he ever stayed in was the United States Penitentiary in Beaumont, Texas (aka Bloody Beaumont).

Moving along, Bedford talks about the impact that prison fights can have on an entire community before revisiting a few slugfests of his own. As the conversation moves along, Bedford talks about getting released from prison at the age of 49 and what it was like to transition from being an inmate to selling cars and coaching youth basketball.

He also talks about meeting his future wife and getting into the culinary arts business with his own food truck. As the interview continues, Bedford shares his dreams of eventually turning his food truck business into a full-service restaurant before revealing that he and his wife just celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Moving along, the seven-footer revisits what it was like to begin his 10-year prison sentence while his children were still toddlers. He goes on to talk about his relationship with his kids, while he was behind bars and how it evolved once he got out of prison.

Lastly, he addressed a recent interview with VladTV interview with his former teammate, John Salley. When DJ Vlad relays an apologetic message to Bedford, the former All-American accepts his ex-teammate’s apology: