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How Technology Impacts Abuse

As per usual we are back to the cliche on how technology changes every facet of our lives, and here we are going to talk about how it impacts abuse and the nuances of that.


One of the main ways abusers use technology is to control who the abused talks to and to control the abuser’s image. Some abuse victims reported that their abuser would make them check in with their abuser before posting anything on social media so they looked like a perfectly happy couple. Many will also keep the abuse victim away from family, friends, and other potentially supportive networks. Abusers don’t want others to know about the abuse, so the less outside contact the better.


Technology also can help expand abuse victim’s support networks. There are so many online support groups for abuse that can offer tips to escape physical danger, help people with housing, and give emotional support. Abusers may try and prevent the victims from joining these groups, but many abuse victims have separate phones or accounts.

Many abused women used their phones to take pictures of bruises and record incidences of abuse. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always beneficial since courts often would not accept them as evidence. Some will focus on their communities and try to warn others of their partner’s abusive behavior. There is some controversy because many men voice that there is no way to verify community posts about abuse and some may just want petty revenge. As usual it is important to get accurate sources and use critical thinking before casting judgement.