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“Heaven To The Yeah: Empowering Athletes and Spreading Faith”


Heaven To The Yeah (HTTY) is not just a nonprofit; it’s a force of inspiration and change, impacting lives, and bridging the gap between sports and spirituality. We had the privilege to speak with a passionate advocate for HTTY and the Let Women Decathlon (LWD) movement to learn how this organization has left an indelible mark on the lives of its members and the community.

Personal Impact: For our interviewee, HTTY has been a steadfast supporter, helping raise awareness about Let Women Decathlon and organizing youth camps. “They’ve been a constant source of encouragement,” they say. HTTY has not only supported their endeavors but also played a vital role in personal growth.

Community Outreach:

HTTY has reached countless individuals through its podcasts, featuring athletes from around the globe sharing stories of living with faith at the forefront. These uplifting messages have had a significant impact on people’s day-to-day lives, serving as a beacon of hope and positivity.

Overcoming Challenges:

In moments of personal challenge, HTTY provided invaluable support through prayer and encouragement, whether during shoulder surgery or in LWD pursuits. It’s a testament to the organization’s commitment to its members’ well-being.

Volunteering and Fulfillment: Volunteering with HTTY provides a platform for individuals to fulfill their purpose, leading to happiness and a sense of productivity. It’s a symbiotic relationship where volunteers contribute to the cause they’re passionate about.

Life Without HTTY: Without HTTY, the interviewee believes they wouldn’t have made as much progress towards their LWD goals. They would likely be searching for a place to advocate for keeping Jesus first, even in professional sports.

Key Individual Support: Among the dedicated individuals at HTTY, Catt stands out for her exceptional contributions. She has organized events, invested her time and resources to advance the LWD movement, and offered unwavering support over the years.

Community Impact: HTTY has created spaces for children to explore Olympic events across multiple locations, promoting physical activity and learning. Additionally, through its podcast, HTTY has reached countless individuals with messages of faith and hope, courtesy of athletes.

Inspirational Beginnings: The interviewee’s first volunteer experience with HTTY involved hosting live interviews with professional athletes in 2020. These interviews provided profound insights into how athletes rely on their faith to overcome real-life challenges.

Most Rewarding Aspect: The most rewarding part of working with HTTY is making a tangible impact on individuals’ lives. Whether it’s a child attending a camp or someone listening to the podcast, knowing they’ve positively influenced someone brings immense satisfaction.

Appeal for Support: To those considering donating to HTTY, the interviewee highlights the organization’s global impact. Donations support the next generation of athletes, potentially future Olympians, and contribute to the spiritual well-being of athletes, which is increasingly recognized as essential.

Inspiration for Volunteering: For our interviewee, the intersection of sports and faith is a compelling combination. HTTY’s focus on preaching the message of Jesus through the platform of professional sports resonated deeply.

Favorite Aspect: The interviewee’s favorite aspect of working with HTTY is witnessing the organization’s positive impact on young athletes’ lives.

Unique Focus: HTTY stands out for addressing topics that are often overlooked. Their advocacy for the Women’s Decathlon and spotlighting athletes beyond their sports achievements are unique facets of their work.

Community Outreach:

HTTY provides opportunities for children to engage in Olympic events and hear messages of positivity and faith. It fills a crucial gap by promoting equality and empowerment.

Building Connections: Through HTTY, our interviewee has connected with decathletes worldwide, sharing common goals in spreading the Gospel and making a difference.



Visit HTTY’s Website: To learn more about HTTY and how you can support their mission, visit their website at

Community Enrichment

HTTY contributes to a better community by promoting equality and empowerment, especially for young girls pursuing the Women’s Decathlon. Moreover, it spreads the Good News, bringing joy and hope to many.

In conclusion, Heaven To The Yeah is not just an organization but a catalyst for positive change, merging the worlds of sports and faith to uplift individuals and communities alike.