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Does ADHD Cause Insecure Attachment?

ADHD is what all the kids on TikTok claim to have today and many people claim it’s just a trend. But in reality, ADHD has much more severe consequences than many people think such as emotional dysregulation, peer rejection, and lowered life expectancy. Now research has shown that ADHD is associated with insecure attachment.

If you aren’t familiar with attachment styles, then here is a quick lesson. There are four styles, secure, avoidant, anxious, and fearful avoidant. A secure attachment is when you feel confident that you will not be abandoned and are comfortable with intimacy. Avoidant is essentially a fear of intimacy, and anxious is the fear of abandonment. Fearful avoidant is when a person oscillates people anxious and avoidant attachments and it is theorized that people with this style had inconsistent parents.

Avoidant attachment styles were correlated with hyperactivity symptoms in ADHD while both the anxious and fearful avoidant attachment styles were associated with inattentive symptoms. This suggests that either ADHD is caused by poor attachment or that having a child with ADHD makes it harder to form a parental bond. More research is needed to know more.