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Cleanup Has Started In Homeless Camp “The Zone”

Phoenix – The City Of Phoenix has cleaned up the area called tent city located In downtown Phoenix near 9th Ave, between Washington & Jefferson. The area has garnered the moniker “THE ZONE” as homelessness has skyrocketed in the Phoenix area. The city indicated they have placed more than three dozen people in shelters. They also announced camping is not permitted in the area. The city released an action plan detailing some of their changes

  • An additional 800 shelter beds will be coming online before the end of next year. 
  • The City is also exploring creative solutions such as leasing hotel space to add additional rooms for individuals needing shelter. 
  • The City is working with other government partners to identify vacant land and/or buildings which could be used to support those experiencing homelessness. 
  • The Office of Homeless Solutions is also exploring creating a safe, outdoor space with restrooms, 24/7 security, onsite services, and shade for those who may not be ready to accept an indoor shelter option. 

According to the PIT Homeless Count, the number of people experiencing homelessness within the City of Phoenix was 3,096. Due to the Covid-19 Crisis and the rise in housing and rental prices, the City of Phoenix anticipated an increase in homelessness and has taken steps to help mitigate the situation.