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The Importance of Regular Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining the health of your fleet is not just about repairs—it’s about preventative care that ensures your vehicles stay on the road longer and perform better. At Gilmore’s Family Garage, we specialize in keeping your fleet in prime condition, so you can focus on business without unexpected downtimes.


Why Regular Maintenance Matters:


  • Extended Vehicle Life: Regular check-ups and tune-ups extend the lifespan of your fleet, ensuring that your vehicles can handle the demands of daily operations.
  • Reduced Overall Costs: Catching issues early through routine maintenance can reduce the cost of repairs over time. Preventative care means fewer surprises and lower expenses.
  • Increased Safety: Regular maintenance ensures all safety systems are functioning properly, protecting your drivers and your investment.


Services Tailored for Your Fleet:

  • Oil Changes & Fluid Checks: Essential for engine health and efficiency.
  • Brake Inspections & Service: Critical for driver safety and vehicle reliability.
  • Tire Rotation & Alignment: Optimize performance and tire longevity.


Exclusive Offer: Schedule a maintenance check for your fleet this month and receive a complimentary vehicle safety report for each vehicle serviced!


Take Action:

Don’t wait for the warning signs. A well-maintained fleet is the backbone of a reliable business operation. Contact us today to discuss a maintenance schedule that fits your business needs and keeps your fleet running smoothly.


Schedule Your Fleet Maintenance:

Call us at (602) 628-5526 or reply to this email to set up your fleet’s maintenance schedule. Our team is ready to ensure your vehicles remain in top-notch condition.


Thank you for trusting Gilmore’s Family Garage. We look forward to ensuring your fleet operates flawlessly, mile after mile.


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