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Meet L.A.’s Next Superstar

                   Meet L.A.’s Next Superstar


By Priscilla Mugwa

Being an African American in the United state is difficult enough. Imagine
yourself being an African American in the Music Industry.

Zhavaughn Reed is an African American man born in Kentucky on
October 10-1994, to Joseph Reed his dad, and Malika Williams his mom.
Zhavaugh has 2 sisters and One brother. Zhanee, Joseph, Renee, and Torino.
The family Reed had a very good gift; most of them love music, and music
is their passion.

During the interview, Zhavaughn tells us a story about his childhood and
how his mom and dad meet.

“I was born in Frankfurt, Kentucky where my mom and dad met back in college. I was lucky enough to
come into this world with a big brother waiting for me. As soon as I was born my family moved to Detroit
because of my mom, who was pursuing a better opportunity in her career. When I was 10 years old, my
family moved back to Kentucky where my love for music started. I played the drums with a school band
while playing basketball as well. Being involved in both music and sports taught me how to balance my
everyday life and how to be more persistent in pursuing what I want.”

However, being passionate about baskets, and music, mister reed, didn’t
stop to trust in his own dream and believed that one day everything was
going to be fine. Very persistent, and hard worker Zhavaughn Reed had
someone who impacted his life.

“The person who impacted my life the most during that time was my maternal grandmother. She was
absolutely fantastic and supportive in everything that I tried to do. She taught me to always believe in
myself and not to let anybody tell me I cannot do anything in life. Unfortunately, I lost my angel to cancer
when I was 19 years old, and it greatly impacted me. But then I remembered her counsel and realized
that failure to pursue my goals would not only be letting me down but her as well and that is what kept me
going. In her memory, I got her name tattooed on my right arm to remember her and to have her with me
everywhere I go. “


Because music is Mister Reed’s dream, he never gives up no matter what
happens to his life. Zhavaughn noticed that being African American in the
The music industry is not easy even though you can see most of the artists are
black, but you have to work twice more and be persistent and consistent.

“Back to music. At a young age, many artists influenced my will to make music. I would say that Jill Scott
and Drake were the main ones. When it comes to Jill Scott, her soothing music makes you feel good
inside and calm the storms in your life. On the other hand, Drake’s music is more upbeat and makes you
want to go out and conquer the world. My first time in the studio was when I was 20 years old. I had
always been around the studio, but I had never had a session of my own until then. The first song I ever
recorded is called “Got your back”, written by myself. I felt completely in my zone when I was recording it
and endlessly proud of myself for starting my journey in the music industry. “

The research by the Newyork times shows that.
“After filtering out subsidiaries, the researchers looked at the uppermost leadership positions — chief
executives, chairmen, and presidents — in a subset of 70 major and independent companies and found
that 86.1 percent of those people were both white and male. The 10 people of color who held those
positions were all independents, and just two were women: Desiree Perez, a longtime associate of Jay-
Z who leads his company Roc Nation, and Golnar Khosrowshahi, the founder of Reservoir, which owns
music rights.

Dig deeper into the moment the report includes some stark findings. For
example, among the 4,060 people in the study’s sample, the researchers
found 17.7 white male executives for every black female one.
“Underrepresented and Black artists are dominating the charts, but the C-suite is a ‘diversity desert,’” Dr.
Smith said in a statement. “The profile of top artists may give some in the industry the illusion that music
is an inclusive business, but the numbers at the top tell a different story.”


To pursue his dream Zhavaughn decided to leave Kentucky to L.A to show
his talent and have more opportunities to succeed in his career.

“We all know that California is the land of dreams and where anything becomes possible. So, I had to
move to California! In 2020-at 25 years old-I landed at LAX to follow my dreams. Sadly, the COVID-19
pandemic happened, and I had to pause my dream for a year. A year later, I had the immense pleasure
of welcoming my daughter into the world! She is the reason why I started pursuing my career even
harder, and will not stop until I get it.

Zhavaughn is a motivated person, and he never gives up no matter all
obstacles in this industry. Mister Reed our Future Young start Currently
has 20 songs.

“Currently, I have recorded more than 20 songs and am working on creating music videos and
establishing my brand on all social media platforms. I have met several celebrities and am working my
way up to Hollywood. Remember my name ZHAVAUGHN REED because you will soon see it

Besides being a brave person, Zhavaughn shows some love to his own family.

“ Early this year, I married the love of my life, and I am happy to get to share that adventure with her. She
is very supportive of me and is the best partner I could have wished for.”

Zhavaughn’s wife Lara Ambusa told us this about him.

“ My husband is a good man and very caring. He now what he is doing. I will be
there for him to support him because is have a talent and a good heart. Zhavaughn cares about all the people around him; he tries to do everything he can to make
people close to him feel loved.”

Keyla Zhavaughn’s friend says that he’s a good person, very welcoming and caring. He
like helping others and will not hesitate to go above and beyond for those that he

Zhavaughn shares more of his music on social media, and his friend and family
are thy first one who listens to it and shares it with their people.

We all wish the best for this strong and hard work man to succeed on his way
to Hollywood.

Hollywood has been ready to meet Zhavaughn REED our next Superstar.


by Pricilia Mugwa

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