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JustWatch Unveils Weekly Top 10: From Thrilling Movies to Captivating TV Shows

By Damon Ellison

JustWatch has once again dropped its anticipated top tens for the week, showcasing the most popular movies and TV shows currently captivating audiences. From action-packed films to gripping dramas, here’s a rundown of what’s trending and why you might want to add these to your watchlist.

Top 10 Movies of the Week

1. Hitman

Leading the pack is “Hitman,” an intense thriller that follows an elite assassin navigating a web of deceit and danger. Its gripping plot and high-octane action scenes have made it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

2. Godzilla Minus One

The latest entry in the iconic franchise, “Godzilla Minus One,” has stormed to the second spot. This film sees the legendary monster wreaking havoc once again, blending breathtaking visual effects with a compelling storyline that explores humanity’s resilience in the face of disaster.

3. Monkey Man

“Monkey Man” offers a unique mix of action and drama, following a modern-day vigilante in India. The film’s fresh perspective and dynamic action sequences have resonated with viewers, earning it a solid spot on the list.

4. Brats

This comedy-drama about a group of mischievous children navigating their way through life’s challenges has charmed its way to fourth place. “Brats” strikes a chord with its heartwarming narrative and relatable characters.

5. Dune: Part Two

The much-anticipated sequel to the sci-fi epic “Dune” continues to attract attention. “Dune: Part Two” dives deeper into the rich lore of Frank Herbert’s universe, offering a visually stunning and narrative-rich experience that fans love.

6. Inside Out

Pixar’s beloved animated film, “Inside Out,” makes a triumphant return to the top ten. This emotional journey through the mind of a young girl resonates across all ages, blending humor with deep insights into human emotions.

7. Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” explores the life of the enigmatic scientist behind the atomic bomb. Its thoughtful exploration of ethical dilemmas and historical events has secured it a spot on the list.

8. American Fiction

“American Fiction” delves into the intricacies of the publishing world through the eyes of an aspiring writer. Its clever satire and engaging plot have captivated audiences, making it a notable mention in this week’s top ten.

9. The Beekeeper

This action-packed revenge thriller follows a beekeeper who turns vigilante after a devastating personal loss. “The Beekeeper” combines a unique premise with intense action, making it a popular pick among viewers.

10. Late Night With The Devil

Rounding out the top ten is “Late Night With The Devil,” a horror flick set during a live TV broadcast gone wrong. Its chilling atmosphere and unexpected twists have made it a hit with horror enthusiasts.

Top 10 TV Shows of the Week

1. Presumed Innocent

Topping the TV list is “Presumed Innocent,” a legal drama that unravels a complex web of intrigue and betrayal. Its compelling narrative and strong performances have made it a standout hit.

2. The Boys

The irreverent and gritty superhero series “The Boys” continues to dominate. With its dark humor and intense action, it remains a fan favorite for those looking for a fresh take on the superhero genre.

3. The Acolyte

Set in the Star Wars universe, “The Acolyte” explores the dark side of the Force in a way that has captivated both old fans and new viewers. Its rich lore and gripping storylines keep it at the forefront of popular TV.

4. Fallout

“Fallout,” based on the popular video game series, has been a hit with fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. The show’s faithful adaptation and engaging plotlines have earned it a strong following.

5. Dark Matter

Sci-fi enthusiasts are loving “Dark Matter,” a series that delves into the mysteries of space and identity. Its intriguing concept and well-crafted characters have made it a must-watch.

6. Bridgerton

The period drama “Bridgerton” continues to charm audiences with its blend of romance, scandal, and stunning visuals. Its addictive storytelling keeps it firmly in the top ten.

7. House Of Dragons

A prequel to the hit series “Game of Thrones,” “House Of Dragons” explores the rich history of the Targaryen dynasty. Its epic scope and complex characters have captivated fans of the fantasy genre.

8. Evil

“Evil” combines supernatural elements with psychological thrills, offering a unique viewing experience. Its thought-provoking themes and gripping plot twists have made it a standout.

9. Doctor Climax

This medical drama with a twist follows the life of a brilliant but troubled doctor. “Doctor Climax” has resonated with viewers thanks to its engaging storylines and emotional depth.

10. Mayor Of Climax

Set in a small town, “Mayor Of Climax” blends drama and mystery as it explores the complexities of local politics. Its intriguing plot and well-drawn characters have earned it a dedicated audience.


JustWatch’s latest top ten highlight a diverse range of movies and TV shows that cater to various tastes and interests. Whether you’re in the mood for intense action, heartwarming drama, or captivating mysteries, this week’s list has something for everyone. Happy watching!

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Author: Damon Ellison
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