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What Mink Thinks: Lamar Jackson Has Only One More Narrative to Slay –

Jackson has beaten playoff teams numerous times, just in the regular season. So, it’s not a matter of whether he’s good enough to beat them. He absolutely is. He can win in a variety of ways, in difficult circumstances, against different defensive approaches.

The question becomes this: Does Jackson have what it takes to win on the biggest of all stages? Besides talent, he’s has shown this season the other intangibles often cited as requirements.

So, sure, hang onto that crutch for as long as you can because Jackson is coming for that one too. He doesn’t want to talk about the Super Bowl so much anymore, but have no doubt about his intentions.

Or, for a change of pace, we could all just stop talking about this stuff. We could take the Lamar approach.

Stop searching for what Jackson can’t do and stop clapping back at those who still tirelessly will. Let’s just appreciate one of the most unique and entertaining quarterbacks of our generation. That sounds like more fun.

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