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We’re always here for a good piss-taking

But whereas that Chelsea 2014 side was still populated with great players, and Mourinho still was in his success window (at the very end of it, as it turned out), this Everton side is still filled with wayward children. So their resistance wilted in the second half, just about the time that legendary Everton-killer (and one of the oddest cult heroes Divock Origi) came into the action. Andy Robertson headed home to finish off a move created by Origi and Mo Salah, and then Origi wrapped up the points himself with his own header with five minutes to go.

Comfortable with a 2-0 lead, and having survived Everton’s Atletico Madrid karaoke, Alisson thought it was time for some classic piss-taking in second half injury time:

The ultimate thumb in the eye toward an opponent whose only hope of getting anything out of a match with their biggest and local-est rival was to go as low as possible tactically, and still not really getting all that close. To the point where Liverpool’s keeper could toss in a joke at the end of the match, the very epitome of “nice try, kid.”

Comedy can be victory.

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