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Warriors vs Celtics is 2nd Most Expensive NBA Finals Ever

With an average secondary market list price of $3,241, the 2022 NBA Finals is the second most expensive Finals series ticketiQ has ever tracked. The only series that was more expensive was the 2019 series between Golden State and Toronto, which had an average price of $3,899. Last year’s Bucks vs Suns series is 3rd on their list, and the 2016 and 2017 Warriors vs Cavs match ups take the 4th and 5th spots.

The Warriors home average for the series is $3,526, which is the highest of any of their six trips to the Finals since 2015, and the second-highest ticketiQ has ever tracked. The Boston Celtics home average for the series is $2,860, the second most expensive for any Eastern Conference team that ticketiQ has tracked, and the 5th highest overall.

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