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There’s a lot to this WWE Vince McMahon mess


Also resurfacing after the WSJ story was an April tweet from former WWE wrestler Nia Jax, whose real name is Lina Fanene. Her post references “certain higher ups can never see past their own perverted ways.” While it’s not confirmed it’s a burn against WWE, what else should the former women’s champion, and cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, be talking about? All Elite Wrestling’s Max Caster did have no problem dropping the letters “NDA” in his usual freestyle rap during the WWE rival’s weekly television taping.

WWE’s succession plans likely will also involve president Nick Khan, who has no relation to AEW CEO Tony Khan and took over most of Stephanie’s responsibilities after her interim leave of absence. He’s been an influential figure behind the scenes for WWE since his hiring in August 2020.


This is a disgusting web that’s being uncoiled about the spoils of McMahon and one of his cronies. An awful part remains: there’s likely more horrible information about WWE’s higher-ups that has yet to surface. The more damning details that emerge, the better bet WWE won’t be the same in the aftermath. 

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