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The Pelicans turned the NBA’s least interesting playoff matchup into can’t-miss television


Of course, Booker’s injury and Brandon Ingram deciding to become Kevin Durant since the original is having some ignition issues against Boston are why this series is tied at 2-2. But what’s making it fun are these feisty youngsters showing last year’s Western Conference champs no respect. It’s Jones blocking 3-pointers and looking like a young Giannis. It’s Alvarado getting his own chant from the New Orleans crowd, and being buddies with Jamie Foxx because of their pickup games in Atlanta while Alvarado was in college.

It would’ve been reasonable to think that this well below .500 eighth seed without their 360 degree basketball dunking phenom wouldn’t provide much entertainment value in the first wrong. But remember folks, don’t judge a book by its cover. These youngsters, with some steady veteran leadership in McCollum, are giving a potential NBA champion all that they can handle. And they’re putting on a damn good show while doing it.

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