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The next 50 years of Title IX will focus on the female trans athlete

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Caster Semenya & Intersex Athletes Clip | HBO

Over the past 50 years, we’ve seen how much of an impact sports can have on society, as Title IX played a huge role in that. And as we enter the next 50 years, how sports addresses trans-athletes will also have an impact on society. But, what does that say about us that in a moment in which we’re celebrating what legislation did for girls and women, that another group of trans girls and trans women are feeling left out just like it was 1972 all over again?


There has to be a way to be fair without being discriminatory. And maybe that means we need to change our language so that we start saying “let the best person win” when it comes to sports. Because if not, in 2072 there will be groups of girls and women who’ll still be screaming “Let us play!”

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