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The latest health guidance on preventative aspirin use – PBS NewsHour

Dr. John Wong:

Any time anyone is concerned about their stroke or heart attack risk, we would encourage them to speak with their clinician, who can then help them assess what their individual risk is for a stroke or heart attack, as well as whether or not aspirin is appropriate for them.

But, when we look at the evidence, the risk for people in their 60s and older, cancels out or balances out the benefits, so that we would not end up recommending it. For people who are younger, we used to recommend starting aspiring. But we now recommend that they speak with their clinician about aspirin, because the balance of benefits and harms is now closer.

And for people in their 40s, we, in 2016, weren’t sure if they should or should not take aspirin. We now find that some people may benefit from aspirin. So they should have a discussion with their clinician to see if aspirin is right for them.

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