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The Bidwell Curse Haunts The Cardinals Again This Season

                                                                                                                        (Charles Bidwell Pictured)


Damon Ellison – 1/8/23

Phoenix – The Bidwells have owned the Cardinals franchise since 1932 when it was the second team in Chicago behind the Bears. Charles was a co-owner of the Bears and wanted a bigger piece of ownership. After a shady deal on his Yacht, Charles Bidwell purchased the team for $5,000 – $2,000 cash right there on the boat… there was $45,000 of debt on the team at the time. It was recorded as a $50,000 sale.

Almost One hundred years later and two moves one to St. Louis and then one to Arizona. Losing has followed the club like a plague. Season after season coach after coach. The Cardinals look like they will fire Kliff Kingsbury after another dreadful year on the gridiron. After the beat down handed by the 49ers today with a score of 38-13, the Cards record stands at an amazing 4-13.

With injuries to Kylar Murray, Hopkins, and a cast of others the season has not been an easy one. So, Kilff will be packing his bags so The Cardinals will hire their 44th coach. A miserable NFL record of how the franchise cannot keep sustainable good coaching.

Is it a curse on the family no matter the Bidwell nothing but losing follows their ownership term. The last Championship was in the pre-Superbowl era of 1947 with a win prior to that in 1925. From Violet Bidwell Wolfner to Bill Bidwell, to now Michael Bidwell they have consistently provided the NFL with losing seasons.

Now we go into another off-season looking for a head coach. I don’t know if we can just hire our way out of the losing trends of the Cardinals Franchise. Other Franchises have a plan of attack, they have set values and a known direction. The Steelers play tough defense and run the ball, the 49ers build a tough defense and YAC offensive players. What is our GM’s plan? What is Micheal Bidwell’s plan? What do the Cardinals do well as a franchise?

I don’t know the answers to these questions and it’s obvious the Bidwells and Steve Keim the Gm are lost. Steve’s ten-year tenure has had its up and downs. With the money spent on Kylar, we don’t have many options. While Arizona is 76-67-2 since Keim took the job, it’s easy to pinpoint the many flaws in his tenure. Since Bruce Arians left the helm, the Cardinals‘ general manager has struggled to put a winning product onto the field for the team.

There are no reports Micheal Bidwell is thinking of Firing coach Kingsbury, but with our history of firings and hirings, it seems inevitable. Hopefully, we can break the Bidwell curse, or maybe a sale of the team is in order. Hey, Michael look at the money Sun’s Owner Robert Sarver made  Four Billion in his sale of an NBA franchise. We all know the NFL is way more valuable.




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