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The Batman: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Coming Next Year

Matt Reeves’ The Batman film is still slated for March 4, 2022, but that’s not the only piece of media with that title that’s coming next year. Warner Bros. announced that it was releasing The Batman: The Complete Series on Blu-ray, which will be a remaster of the six-time Daytime Emmy-winning The Batman TV series that debuted in 2004. It is coming out on February 1, 2022 for $69.99 in a bundle that includes both a physical and digital copy.

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This release will feature all 65 episodes of the animated show along with a wealth of special features. The Dark Dynasty Continues featurette will “explore the relationship between The Batman and his allies as he evolves from mysterious vigilante to the World’s Greatest Detective” and seems to be the only new featurette of the bunch. There will also be videos explaining how the producers adapted DC’s Team-Up-Tales to a TV series, how Detective Ellen Yin investigates Batman’s secret identity, profiles on the antagonists in the show, a typical behind-the-scenes look, an interview with Supervising Producer Duane Capizzi, and a look into the show’s fourth season. And, finally, the package will also include two quizzes that the viewer can partake in.

The Batman stars a young Batman in his twenties that is learning how to balance his time as Bruce and the vigilante. Robin and Batgirl also eventually join the show. It had five seasons with 13 episodes each and wrapped up in 2008. There was also a spin-off film featuring Dracula, but that does not appear to be included. The first four season of the show are also streaming on HBO Max and are in high definition and 16:9 widescreen.

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