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Spy x Family Episode 11 Release Date & Time

Will Spy x Family Episode 11 be able to top the epic dodgeball game from the previous episode? We have all the details you need for the next episode of Spy x Family, titled “Stella.” Based on the title, it seems like Anya is finally one step closer to earning a Stella Star.

When Spy x Family Episode 11 Releases

Spy x Family Episode 11’s release date is Saturday, June 18. In Japan, the episode will be out at 11:00 p.m. JST.

The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour and a half later. Here is the corresponding schedule in U.S. time:

  • 11:30 a.m. ET
  • 10:30 a.m. CT
  • 8:30 a.m. PT

Where to Watch Spy x Family Episode 11

Spy x Family is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu. The episodes are out every Saturday.

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Spy x Family Episode 10 Recap

A fellow teacher briefly discusses with Professor Henry Henderson the Tonito he gave out during the first day of class. Professor Henderson says it was simply the punishment for misconduct and proceeds to preach about the importance of elegance among Eden Academy students. On the other hand, Emile Elman and Ewen Egeburg approach Damian Desmond to talk about Damian’s older brother. Emile and Ewen praise Damian’s brother for his Stella Stars but assure Damian that he will become an Imperial Scholar at a quicker rate. Emile and Ewen then share the rumor they heard from another class — whoever becomes the MVP of the upcoming interclass dodgeball game will be awarded a Stella.

Upon arriving home, Anya Forger tells Loid Forger that there will be an opportunity to earn a Stella soon. She mentions the same rumor that Emile and Ewen heard. Loid is doubtful of its legitimacy, but Yor Forger offers to train her anyway. Anya proceeds to go through a rigorous training process with Yor, all for the sake of aiming to earn a Stella to help Loid with his mission.

As part of their preparation, Emile and Ewen did some digging on the other class and shared the information with Damian. Unfortunately, one of their opponents is a formidable one — Bill Watkins, a buff 6-year-old and the son of a command sergeant major. At the start of the game, he effortlessly took out four players in one go. Despite this, Damian, Ewen, and Emile remain determined to beat Bill. After a few failed attempts from Damian and his friends, Bill fights back and eliminates Ewen and Emile.

Bill decides to target Anya next, but she easily dodges all of Bill’s throws thanks to her ability. Eventually, only Anya and Damian remain. After getting a warning from Becky, Anya trips on her feet, and Bill uses this as an opportunity to throw the ball toward her. Damian sacrifices himself after seeing the ball going at a deadly speed. Anya is the only one left, so she decides to use her so-called ultimate move. However, the throw is an absolute fail, and Bill’s class wins the game. In the end, the students find out from Professor Henderson that no one receives a Stella for winning a game in Physical Education class.

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