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Skylar Stecker Returns With New Single “hate that for you”

Skylar Stecker has returned since releasing her EP, “Earth Signs” back in July. The newest single “hate that for you” is a heavily piano centered ballad that showcases Skylar epic vocals. The passionate vocals and emotional lyrics catch the listeners ears. The song is about someone’s personal struggles within themselves. They are struggling in their relationship and feeling neglected by their significant other, which will lead to the relationship downfall. Would love to hear more songs like this from Skylar down the road.

The visuals are displayed in one-shot like Emmanuel Lubezki cinematography in the Oscar winning film Birdman (not comparing the two shots just an example of a one-shot). In the music video, Skylar does a great job acting because she really brings out the emotion and pain.

The young artist is evolving right before our very own eyes. If she keeps improving with her vocals and pen, there is no doubt in the world that she will be one of the biggest artists in the world in the near future.

Watch the video for “hate that for you” below:



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