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Richard Jefferson destroys Gilbert Arenas about Giannis Antetokounmpo take: ‘He is the best two-way player on the planet and it ain’t even close, it ain’t even close’

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Richard Jefferson is jumping to the collective majority of NBA fans expressing their criticism against Gilbert Arenas’ take about Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Speaking recently about the said incident in his Road Trippin’ podcast, the retired NBA star delivered NSFW words against his former Arizona teammate in Arenas,  further nothing that Giannis is “the best two-way player on the planet and it ain’t even close.”

Starts at 40:39 (h/t Aikansh Chaudhary of Fadeaway World):

“Gilbert’s being a little d**k and he might break down his three-point shot. … It’s like bro, okay we get it, but let’s talk about wins, let’s talk about impact on games, let’s talk about intensity, defense, offense. He is the best two-way player on the planet and it ain’t even close, it ain’t even close.”

Arenas became notoriously viral upon his claim that Antetokounmpo “doesn’t know basketball yet.” Though he already clarified his particular take, backlash still continues to circle around his name, more notably from the Milwaukee Bucks supporters.

Amid his brotherhood relationship with him, Jefferson has been critical about Arenas, most notably when the time that the former All-star guard questioned his case of being a second-rounder in the 2001 NBA Draft.

As such, Jefferson truly speaks facts. Antetokounmpo’s level and impact of play should not be questioned, and his journey towards superstadom is a fairy tale-like story that only few can ever reach. Upon winning back-to-back league MVPs, a Defensive Player of the Year trophy, and a championship ring by leading the small market Bucks to its first title since 1971, he is arguably the best basketball player in the world today.

Still at age 27, Giannis will continue to expand his game and hall of fame status — on his way to become a much freakier beast on both ends of the court.

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