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Patrick Beverley on Jazz: “Utah ya’ll tryna win or ya’ll tryna tank, let me know”

Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

There are growing rumors that the Jazz could be open to trading Donovan Mitchell, although the asking price is really steep, after reportedly committing to the 25-year-old shooting guard.

Utah already let one of their stars – Rudy Gobert – go as he was traded to the Timberwolves. One of the players that the Jazz received via this trade was Patrick Beverley.

The veteran vowed to bring his new team to playoffs, having played in postseason every year since entering the NBA back in 2012. However, if Mitchell gets traded, it could be a different Utah team that could be focusing on future rather than trying to win now.

That was what Beverley is wondering about as he is not interested in being a team that intends to tank next year. “Utah ya’ll tryna win or ya’ll tryna tank, let me know… We gon take Utah all the way, or Utah gon say they don’t need me and we can go somewhere else?” the 33-year-old point guard said on Instagram Live, per Joey Linn.

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