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Omer Onan: “Georgia should be heavily sanctioned”


After Turkey filed an official protest for the game against Georgia, Turkish Basketball Federation vice-president and former player Omer Onan shared insight on the developing situation, via Eurohoops:

“After the match, we sat down with FIBA officials. The FIBA ​​official was going to return today, but he gave up and did not return, he stayed here. There are two or three separate scandals here. Hidayet Türkoğlu also contacted FIBA. They are very embarrassed, we see that. It is important for us to ensure the safety of these guys. If this security cannot be provided, we have no place here. FIBA has also increased its security measures here. They even increased it in practice,” Onan said.

They’re making a move on this. Now we have an objection. This is a very clear wrong ruling. Everyone knows too. We’ll see how they decide. Apart from that, as far as we have heard, FIBA has not received the images. It will likely either be corrupted or cut off. But this does not change that there was an attack on our conditioner and Furkan. Two ejected players might argue, but they sat there on their bench and then ran inside, attacked Furkan, and kicked our conditioner on the ground. These are real. FIBA will impose a historic penalty. We follow this.”

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