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Obi-Wan Kenobi Explained: When Did Darth Vader Meet Kenobi?

Obi-Wan Kenobi has already reached its midpoint after “Part III” was released. The series debuted last Friday during the Star Wars Celebration event, but it’s now back to the usual Wednesday slot on Disney+. The titular character is still running from the Inquisitors, who are hunting down every surviving Jedi in the galaxy. Unfortunately, Kenobi met someone even worse than the Inquisitorius members in the series’ latest installment.

Who is that character who helped Kenobi escape from a sticky situation more than once? And who is that mysterious Jedi mentioned? Let’s solve some pending questions.

ComingSoon spoiler alert

What Happened in Darth Vader’s Encounter with Kenobi?

Ten years after they clashed on Mustafar, Kenobi met again his old-friend-now-turned-bitter-enemy Anakin Skywalker, who completed his transformation into Darth Vader. The Sith Lord sought revenge for what happened when Kenobi mutilated him in Revenge of the Sith. Kenobi was not committed to facing Vader due to guilt for what happened and because he lost his touch in battle while staying in Tatooine. When they finally collided, Vader’s superiority was pretty clear as he went very close to giving Kenobi a taste of his own medicine by burning his old friend. Kenobi saved himself only thanks to the unexpected help of Tala Durith. Fans already know how the story between Kenobi and Vader ends, but there might be some unknown details that the next episodes of the TV series will unveil.

Who Is Indira Varma’s Character in Obi-Wan Kenobi?

The latest Kenobi episode introduced a few new faces in the Star Wars Universe, including Tala Durith. Portrayed by Game of Thrones alum Indira Varma, Tala is a Rebel Alliance double-agent who helped Kenobi and Leia to escape from the Empire on Mapuzo. She was introduced as an Imperial Officer before revealing her identity and shooting all the Stormtroopers who were flocking the area. The backstory of Tala is shrouded in mystery, except for the fact that she initially sided with the Empire “when it stood for something.” However, she joined the Rebel Alliance after witnessing the Empire’s way somewhere in the timeline. Her dislike towards the Empire led her to save Kenobi from certain death during the Jedi’s encounter with Darth Vader.

Who Is Quinlan Vos?

During a chat Kenobi had with Tala in the safehouse, the Jedi found that Quinlan Vos was still alive. Actually, he was helping the Rebels by smuggling young Force-sensitives from the Empire. Originally from the planet Kiffu, Vos served the Jedi order for a while but had his own ideas on what a Jedi should or shouldn’t do, pretty much like Anakin Skywalker. After investigating Dooku’s whereabouts, Vos turned to the Dark Side for a while, but he ultimately redeemed himself and returned to the light side. The character debuted in Star Wars: Republic #17, but Lucasfilm officially retconned it to The Phantom Menace since the comic book series is not canon anymore. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars expanded on the character, who is the protagonist of the in-canon novel Dark Disciple.

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