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No Man’s Sky’s Outlaws Update Brings Improved Space Combat and Cape Physics

No Man’s Sky has grown far beyond its launch troubles into a sprawling space survival game with lots to do. Despite releasing all the way back in 2016, developer Hello Games continues to regularly produce updates that give players additional missions and more ways to explore the game’s procedurally generated galaxy. Today brings the Outlaws update, with changes focusing on pirate factions and the combat a noble hero might use when dealing with them.

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The expansive patch notes cover all the details of the treasure trove of content included in the new update, which is centered around the shadier areas of space travel. There are now forged passports, ways to evade cargo scans, planetary pirate raids, bounty missions, and more, which seem to mostly revolve around the new Outlaw Stations that have their own merchants and missions. Players can engage in new quests for these dubious factions and take advantage of their dealers to secure space goods that might have drifted off a space truck and sell them at a high price. There are also new squadrons players can recruit and summon in case space travel gets a little hairy.

No Man’s Sky‘s atmosphere also got a significant boost thanks to an overhaul that addressed how starships look as they zip in and out of warping. Players might see these new effects from the ground as frigates enter the atmosphere in addition to seeing them from the cockpit during a dogfight. Speaking of, space combat has seen a full rebalance to make things faster, and ships that fall to your laser cannons now explode in a much more dramatic fashion.

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And, as noted by The Incredibles, this update is truly embracing its villainy with its brand-new cape physics. Players can now rock a shroud just like Larry David in that one episode of Seinfeld, and their fabric of choice will billow in the wind.

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