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NFL Schedule Leaks was just another troll job

This was followed up with “literally none of that shit was real.” Just incredible stuff here, to be honest. The account then turned into a sort of manifesto about how easily misinformation spreads on the Internet (“no wonder half this country thinks the election was rigged good fucking lord”), and shouted out the single account who had called them out from the start for being fake.

Having now promised “much more bamboozling and tomfoolery to come,” what could be fake-leaked next? Trades and free-agent destinations? NBA draft picks in June? College football home-and-home series announcements for the 2042 season? The opportunities are endless, and the precedent is set. It’s just a question of whether people will fall for it so easily a second time. (My guess? They will.)


The bio on the account now reads “I really got y’all motherfuckers.” Can’t argue with that.

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