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New Dragon Ball Super Project Already in the Works

A new Dragon Ball Super project is already in the works, according to the department head of Dragon Ball Akio Iyoku.

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Iyoku — who serves as the head of Dragon Ball‘s collaboration efforts with Weekly Shonen and is a producer on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero — recently took part in a Q&A session for this month’s upcoming issue of V Jump. According to Ikoyu, a new project set in the world of Dragon Ball Super is in the works, although he didn’t expand on what it was, exactly.

“‘What comes next?’ Well, if you’re asking … a new entry on the series is … already in the making,” said Ikuyo in his statement. “Super Hero took us 5 years to make, so it’s only natural we’re already working on what comes next! (Laughs). Toriyama-sensei himself is always working on new [Dragon Ball] concepts and ideas, after all. We’re thinking about what we want to show the world next.”

Ikuyo’s statements seem purposely vague, and can be hinting at either a new series in the works, or another movie. With the team seemingly willing to continue working on new stories set in the Dragon Ball universe, however, we’ll likely know sooner rather than later what the next project in the series is going to be.

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Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to the Dragon Ball manga. The Dragon Ball Super anime adaptation ran from July 2015 to March 2018, concluding with a total of 131 episodes. The first film of the series was Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which premiered in 2018. Overall, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the 21st film in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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