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Ms. Marvel Explained: Who Is Kamran?

After introducing Kamala Khan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe last week, Ms. Marvel has now debuted its second episode on Disney+. In “Crushed,” the titular heroine portrayed by Iman Vellani learned to harness her powers, but it’s easier said than done. Moreover, she fell in love with the mysterious Kamran (Rish Shah), the new dark-eyed kid at school. The young adults seem to have much in common, including sharing a passion for the same Bollywood movies and actors (has anyone said Kingo?).

Who is the new character whom Kamala seems to like so much? Could Kamran lead to the Inhumans’ reintroduction in the MCU?

ComingSoon spoiler alert

Is Kamran an Inhuman? 

In the comics, Kamran became an Inhuman due to the Terrigen Mist, the mutagenic substance that can alter human biology. After his Terrigenesis, Kamran’s body started emitting glowing bioluminescent and biokinetic energy. When he channels his energy, the young man can cause the objects to explode. Kamran shared a special bond with Kamala Khan since both gained their powers thanks to the Terrigen Mist. While Khan seemed to have feelings for the eye-catching boy, Kamran revealed that he was working for Lineage, a.k.a. crime boss Gordon Nobili.

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Marvel Studios opted for a different origin story for Khan’s powers, which seem to be linked to the girl’s golden bangle in the live-action adaptation. Still, it appeared that Kamran knew — or guessed — about Khan’s powers. If that’s the case, Kamran might allow Marvel to reintroduce the Inhumans in the same reality as the rest of the superhero roster. The Inhumans first appeared in the series of the same name that aired on ABC in 2017. Technically, Inhumans is part of the MCU canon, but its story took place in an alternate universe than the one of the Avengers.

What do you think about Kamran’s first live-action appearance? Let us know in the comments.

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