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'Masked Singer': Cupcake is iced out; wildcard Caterpillar gives 'front-runner performance' – USA TODAY

Spoiler alert! The following contains spoilers from the Oct. 13 episode of “The Masked Singer,” including the identity of the unmasked celebrity.

And that’s the way the cookie – er, make that Cupcake, crumbles.

Wednesday, “The Masked Singer” cut one of its colorful confections: a leggy cupcake with long lashes and thigh-high boots dripping with icing. 

Cupcake performed Bruno Mars‘ “Finesse,” but wasn’t smooth enough to slip through and advance in the competition like the rest of the Group B contestants. 

The duo-costume Banana Split wowed with Michael Bublé’s “Cry Me a River,” and Queen of Hearts ruled the stage with Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose,” which panelist Robin Thicke praised as “by far one of the best vocal performances in six seasons on this show.” Mallard’s rendition of Flo Rida’s “My House” wasn’t stellar, but was enough to float on. Wildcard Caterpillar nailed Beyoncé‘s “If I Were a Boy,” which panelist Jenny McCarthy praised as “a frontrunner performance.”

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"The Masked Singer" introduced its latest wildcard, Caterpillar, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021.

A sweet victory was not in the cards for Cupcake, who identified as “a hopeless romantic” in the clue package.

“I have often called myself a Black Liz Taylor because if I fall in love with a guy, I’m all in,” Cupcake said referencing the Oscar-winner married eight times. “I have learned a lot about love, particularly falling out of it. I’ve had many husbands.”

Cupcake’s clue package also highlighted a needle and thread and fairy wings. 

Upon the contestant’s elimination, the panel’s first impression guesses and final hunches were revealed. Ken Jeong first envisioned actress Angela Bassett under the costume, but settled on “Proud Mary” singer Tina Turner. Nicole Scherzinger abandoned her first guess of “Killing Me Softly” artist Roberta Flack, and bet on Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters instead. Thicke traded his guess of “Drag Race” host RuPaul for “Saturday Night Live” alum Leslie Jones. McCarthy went from RuPaul to model Grace Jones.

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"Masked Singer" host Nick Cannon with contestant Cupcake.

Unmasked, Cupcake was revealed to be, Scherzinger’s second and final guess, iconic singer Ruth Pointer.

Looking into the camera, Cupcake delivered a message to her sister “Ms. Anita”: “There were supposed to be two cupcakes, but Anita is having some health issues we couldn’t avoid so I ended up doing it by myself.”

“A true performer,” Cannon called Ruth. 

“Sweetheart, I did what I came to do, and I love you and can’t wait to get home and support you,” the legendary singer said, as she sent Anita a message. 

Thicke expressed his appreciation to the celebrity for appearing on the singing competition. “I just want to say, I’m such a huge fan,” said Thicke. “It’s such an honor and a pleasure to have you.”

Episodes of “The Masked Singer” can be viewed on Fox’s website.

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