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Marcus Morris complains the referees made it extremely hard to guard Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic, Marcus Morris
Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo, via AP

Marcus Morris talked about Luka Doncic, as the Clippers fell to the Dallas Mavericks in overtime. Marcus Morris and Luka Doncic have had a lot of history, which runs back to the 2020 NBA Playoffs.

Both teams have met each other twice in two years during the first round. The Clippers overcame the Mavs in both occasions, however, the series were very competitive.

Morris, who returned from injury recently, played in the Clippers vs Mavericks game, where he scored 10 points in 30 minutes on Tuesday’s game.

“I think over the years it’s dumbed down a little bit, because first of all the refs are on my ass. I can’t even talk to Luka;

I can’t even breathe on him. So you know that kind of like makes it a little words in our words corny, but it’s still competition.”

The LA Clippers will next face the Detroit Pistons at home on Friday. They hope to add to their winning column, after Tuesday’s loss.

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